Super Natural

I have never really believed in the supernatural.
And all the hoopla that has come with it. But as I have come to realize that it had been around since I was very young. See we come from some very ancient lands that time has forgotten.

Me and my cousin at a very young age would explore caves that had some drawings on the rock walls now called petroglyphs.We found ourselves almost everyday in those cliffs.During our adventures we found many things that now that I look back were things we shouldn’t of messed with.
The first thing we found was a complete pottery bowl. We should of left that there cause as soon as we got it things started to happen, As soon as we got it down the mountain Now you gotta remember we were maybe 10 and 11 years old.

We were so excited about our find that we told the store owner. This is where our troubles began. Now the owner thought it was going to be like taking candy away from a baby.What he didn’t realize was that he was dealing with some boys that knew the value of what we had.
He also didn’t realize that we had already split the money and spent it on the way down the mountain. We were boys with imaginations.

As the years rolled by . We brought quite a few things back from arrowheads to a what we thought was a bear skin and more pottery. What we didn’t understand was that we had brought back some bad spirits that were with the things that we took from those hills.

The many times we brought something back we were disrupting something. About a year later I will never forget this day. I remember we were about to take off to the river to fish and swim. It was a black car it didn’t have any signs to tell us what branch of the government it was with but as soon as they got out of the car we knew.

It was the biggest Indian I had ever seen. He looked out of place in his suit. He was not a local Indian from around us. Finding out later he was an expert on pottery images. They wanted to know if we had the pottery and where we got it from.

Fortunately or so I was told that the pottery had broken we didn’t tell them that.We denied everything and anything they asked us. After several hours they decided that we weren’t going to tell them anything.So they left.

Things were never the same after that. Things would show up at the Velarde house things that couldn’t be explained But why we thought with the pottery gone and all the other things gone. We should of not had these occurrences. What if the pottery didn’t break after all.And all of this was a Hoax. Well guess what I will never tell. Or will I.


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