If I Had Not Seeing It With My Own Eyes

Good Morning
My name is Schilo
And I am here to bring you some information. On a phenomenon that occurs in about one in ten people. People have asked me  many questions and I have decided to write about it.

Triggers: What Causes them

So lets begin The first question that I get asked a lot is what triggers these O.B.E. And the answer to that according to some very qualified medical journal. The most reliable link to these episodes is Trauma or some type of life changing ordeal or another reason for these O.B.E. is Drugs/Sleep Deprivation`My personal belief is that I am a little cautious. I say better left alone. My opinion is Pandora’s box. Is better left closed. Call me superstitious.But then again I also believe that we have the strength to control where we go in our travels.

The Dangers Of O.B.E.

So the dangers come from the unknown some say in being trapped between the two entities. Then there is also the belief that evil lies just outside of our unconsciousness.Finally there is the all but drug induced O.B.E. Three quarters of the dangers and violent reports are drug and alcohol induced.Panic Attacks, Uncontrollable violence so believing what there is no consequences is being foolish

The Truth Of O.B.E

As so many people who have had an O.B.E. experience know that most of the time you can’t will it to happen. The few that can seem to be able to have the ability have practiced there technique for many years.This is my theory? Is I believe that we try to hard to have that same feeling that we forget the big picture.It’s like an addict we keep chasing the dragon. The first one that we never feel again.

Is O.B.E Becoming More Common

Today with modern technology things seem to get easier for our livelihood but some things no matter how much technology you administer it cannot replace the human factor. So no matter how much you think an entity of such crucial unanswered questions. Is going to show you things. Bring you closer to your higher power. Maybe closer to your lower power who knows. I say this if my higher power would of wanted me to fly he would of given me wings

Till Next Time Folks My Name Is Schilo




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