Everyone Has At Least One

To say that everyone has an out of body experience.

I think is fair to say.I believe that  everyone is capable of having this experience. The question what brings these on is it something traumatic, life changing I am not sure what triggers these I have done a little bit of research and most of the people I have spoken to always have something traumatic happen that creates these types of OBE experiences.

Astral projection like any phenomenon Began as early as  the Vampire, the Werewolf, Skin Walkers.Even though some of these are just folklore tactics to scare children into behaving. But there’s  gotta be some truth to these superstitious fables they had to come from somewhere.

Today there is a lot of information on the subject of out of body experiences. There is an article I just received  about how the C.I.A. using different mind control experiments for acts of war. It was called the star gate project I guess they tried using Astral Projection Techniques, The purpose for this was to be able to see the enemy in there most vulnerable by transferring into out of body period.

Therefore allowing to spy. Now we have Mini Drones for that. It finally got shut down. The C.I,A Project was finally shut down.So getting back to everyone that has had a type out of body experience.I would like for you to leave me an experience you may have had whether it be short long anything So my next post is going to go towards the skin walkers, shape  shifter’s I find that to be more interesting especially coming from N.N.M

There is plenty of history there being among the  dominantly popular Pueblo  Indians . And the Navajo Nation maybe 50 miles West. Plus the Proud Jicarilla Apache.So please leave me a comment.

Thank you have a great week.

My name is Shilo



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