Dream Walkers, Channeling/ Out Of Body Experiences

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Dreamwalkers are just as the name says To be able to walk among us in our state of dream or there’s. It is said it is a form of channeling. For the native American it is a part of the ceremony with Peyote Sweat Lodges. Dream walker   is the healer to create to go from this world to another. Unlike the  Shape Shifter who is considered evil witchery, trickster. All get more into that on another post. So to believe in O.B.E is to believe in dream walkers. It is said that dream realm is of many alternate realities.There is a story about a man that is seen in thousands of peoples dreams I guess he has been in these dreams not as a bad person more of a messenger of sorts. According to the psychiatrist his appearance is the same in every single dream.. It was  that this may be a force of some dark energy disguising himself by helping. But in reality he is stealing there energy .It was said to protect yourself from this force.

Out Of Body Experiences

So my experience in the out of body experience is very vague I do know one thing I don’t like the feeling I have after the episodes. As for the occurrences it seems to happen when there is something traumatic.. Unlike dream walking which seems to come and go at will. What I have come up with and this is just a theory mind you. And I do believe that there is a connection. Whether the connection is thru some dark energy or white energy. For one to exist there must be the other. Human beings have been creating many different things in our minds For the human brain is a very powerful thing.

So with my next post I am going to dwell more into the strange occurrances of shape shifting and skin walkers..Also taking a look at how does Europe fit into all this

So with that this is Schilo signing off.