Imagine if Jesus Christ was a Skin Walker

Too far fetched I am not so sure. I just finished an article about Jesus Christ as a shape shifter which is a little different than a skin walker. According to this article it explains that there is sufficient evidence that our higher power was able to change forms.Why not he was the only man that as far as we know could come back to life after being dead after a couple of days.According to this article as soon as this came out it was shut down. Imagine what many religions would think or what it would entail as far as there whole dynamics as to things are said to be according to records.

I guess at the time that Jesus was betrayed by Judas it was said according to these documents That Judas kissed Jesus on the cheek to identify him because he was known to take on the shape of old men children. Imagine no matter what you don’t ratt out your people and that’s what Judas did for a little cash. You would think as young as the human population was according to records that Judas would of been tempted by a little bit of wealth. I guess the old saying goes The Devil Made Me Do It. Evil it has been here since time began and will be here when time ends.

So here is the million dollar question I want to know what everyone thinks. I know I shouldn’t go there with this but what the heck remember look at this in the intellectual manner not in a spiritual. Hell look at it any way you want just leave me a comment. See for me it’s all about the interaction I get from everyone I  also encourage everyone to leave me some advice. Even if it’s that my sites suck I can handle it.

So with that my name is Schilo and I wish every one well